Youth soccer academy

messiSecret Tips With Youth soccer academy

EDHope Academy is an online youth soccer academy which acts as a bridge between the trainer and trainee. It’s the perfect solution for the soccer player who wants to get the best technical advice from the soccer development academy.

Youth soccer is getting popular nowadays. Are you wishing to learn it under some great and renowned trainer or mentors but not getting a chance? So, here we are! We’ll provide you online service for youth soccer coaching in the soccer academy known as EDHope Academy.

If you want to be the best soccer player, you can’t do all by alone. You need mentors in your life to reach the first step and to follow the right track. So surround yourself with the best soccer specialist, so that you can be a wizard with the ball at your feet.

We’re there for the players who are working hard and always remain hungry to defend the defenders. We’re looking for the people who have a thirst for winning, learning the tricks and tactics and finally, who are self-reliant.

If you think you’re eligible, fill up the form that is provided for you. You can select your convenient time and day as given in the options. Again, you can choose your favorite trainer.

The session will work according to the plan given below:

30-minute online session- live session for 30 minutes

The better soccer blueprint- with the award-winning system, you’ll get a call where you can discuss your week, what you did, what you accomplished and what you’re failing to improve, etc.

Game footage-send you full game video to analyze your progress and let you know whether you’re on the right track or not.

Mail /text update- you’ll receive your updates via text or mail.

12-week session- the session will go on for 12 weeks initially

Youth soccer coaching:

Doing the youth soccer training is better than doing nothing. If you do the training, you’ll be able to keep in touch with the regular practice. This service is for those who are the hard worker and who have a thirst for learning and thirst for self-improvement.

This will improve your skills, supercharge your mindset and bring the game to the next level. It’ll let you go, the fear and weakness and make you the best competitor of the today’s world.

In this youth soccer academy, you can consult with the trainer personally, the trainer will give you the full evaluation, the coach will update your practice plan, to keep you progressing.

Small group youth soccer coaching:

Small group training comprises of 5 or more players where you’ll be given technical training from the certified trainer. Here the focus will be given on individual footwork and also the co-operation with the partners. The training will have the individual drill and 1v1 domination series work, game drill on the basis of particular situation and partner passing progressions.

The trainer will carefully observe your footwork and let you know your specific need and goals. Thus, it’ll improve a lot to reach your expected goal.

This soccer training will help self-reliance, progressive goal settings, personal accountability and finally the work ethic.


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